Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides a holistic framework to measure the potential environmental impacts from all stages of manufacture, product use and end of life.LCA has become a key sustainability tool and is increasingly used by industries across the world to benchmark & compare their environmental performance, to identify hot spots to improve resource efficiency and to support marketing claims.

As part of the Sustainable Recycling Industries Life Cycle Inventory (SRI - LCI) project funded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs, Ecoinvent has nominated CII -Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre as the regional coordination centre for life cycle assessment and life cycle inventory related activities in India.

Focus Areas:

Applications of LCA
LCA has several applications - life cycle management used as a sustainability tool, product environment footprint, EPDs, packaging, improving process efficiency & examining new technology, policy making, green marketing, ecodesign, etc. This session will focus on some of these applications and the business value of LCA.

Life Cycle Inventory
One of the objectives of the SRI-LCI project is to focus on developing basic data for the assessment of environmental life cycle performance for industrial activities in India. This session will cover the overview of Sustainable Recycling Industries project & introduction to ecoinvent, experience of data providers for India specific LCI for electricity, cement, steel, coal mining, plastic recycling, agriculture and textile.

National & International best practices
What can be learnt from international best practices on life cycle assessment and life cycle inventory. This session will answer some of the following questions-

  • How can LCT support innovation?
  • How can LCA support policy making?
  • LCA used for Green Public Procurement
  • Best practices in LCA using a software tool
  • Best practices from Academia