Methodology & Certification

The Green Rating System for Companies advocates a performance based approach. It aims to provide leadership and guidance to businesses on how to implement green strategies. These strategies are designed based on an iterative and consultative process that includes building partnerships with stakeholders and employing their cumulative knowledge and experience to address issues related to ecological sustainability. The rating system employs a holistic approach, wherein, it not only advises businesses on strategy and actions required but also provides mechanisms to quantify the impact of such actions and make course corrections if required.

Weightages (points) are assigned to varying degrees of goals that are set for each of these parameters. For example, the points are awarded for reducing energy consumption. But points awarded will be higher for a business that demonstrates a higher degree of reduction in energy consumption compared to another business that demonstrates a lower degree of reduction in energy consumption. The companies at various levels of efficiency (for example; Top 5 energy efficient plants in the world) are also suitably recognized in this rating system. As a first step the Greenco rating system is being launched on a pilot mode.

The threshold criteria for certification levels are as following:

Level Points Greenco Rating
Level 1 350 - 449 points Certified
Level 2 450 - 549 points Bronze
Level 3 550 - 649 Points Silver
Level 4 650 - 749 Points Gold
Level 5 > 750 points Platinum

Criteria and Weightages

S. No Parameters Suggested Weightages
1 Energy Efficiency 150
2 Water Conservation 100
3 Renewable Energy 100
4 GHG Emission Reduction 100
5 Material Conservation, Recycling & Recyclables 100
6 Waste Management 100
7 Green Supply Chain 100
8 Product Stewardship 75
9 Life Cycle Assessment 75
10 Others (Ventilation, Site Selection & Innovation) 100


The assessor team will report their findings to the judges panel, which will review and award the rating to the company. The company also will have an opportunity to appeal once for a higher rating with the judges' panel. The judges' panel will then revisit the assessment and award the final rating. The rating awarded will be final.

The rating will be periodically communicated and will be in the website of CII - Godrej GBC. There would also be an annual review to revalidate the rating as well as guide the organisation towards improvement. The rating is valid for 3 years and at the end of 3 years the companies will have to apply for the rating again. In between, if the company feels that they have improved their performances they can apply for a fresh rating. During the period of rating, the companies can use 'Greenco' certified company in their letterheads and other corporate communications.

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